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Crush Your Goals with AI

1. 💡 Get one action at a time.

2. ✅ Choose to skip or complete the action.

3. 🧠 Learn to execute the action.

4. 📸 Share your results.

5. 🎮 Track your progress.


Get ready to achieve your goals with socra!

socra Goals are the the most effective methods or approaches to accomplish something. They are comprehensive resources that provide how-to information, tips, common mistakes to avoid, and even videos.

socra Goals are personalized to you based on your preferences, goals, circumstances, and activity on the platform, ensuring that each step is tailored to your specific needs and journey.

What is a socra Goal?

A socra Goal is a sequence of actions to make the best progress towards a goal.

How do I create a Goal?

Just provide a title, and our AI will take care of everything else.

socra Goals Overview

socra Goals empower you to take action and unlock your full potential.

socra Goals make your journey fun and easy by infusing each step with joy and simplicity. Our user-friendly interface and intuitive guidance make it effortless to navigate and stay engaged. By incorporating elements of gamification and interactivity, socra Goals add a touch of excitement and motivation to your progress.

Personalized Actions

Our AI creates a personalized action just for you, complete with a captivating background image, valuable insights, step-by-step how-to information, and detailed explanations. It's like having a tailor-made guidebook specifically crafted to help you achieve your goals.


socra Goals provide personalized resources that are specifically designed to help you successfully complete each action, taking into account your unique needs and circumstances.


Throughout your experience, socra Goals will provide you with valuable tips and insights to help you complete each action to achieve your goal.

Common Mistakes

socra Goals also highlight common mistakes to avoid, so you can learn from others' experiences and make informed decisions.


Visual learners will love the video content included in socra Goals. These videos provide step-by-step demonstrations and additional guidance to enhance your learning experience.


Every step forward, no matter how small, brings you closer to your dreams.

With personalized guidance, resources, and support, socra Goals empower you to take meaningful action and make consistent strides towards your goals. By breaking down your goals into small actions, socra Goals help you stay focused and motivated.

Through real-time progress tracking, you can see your achievements unfold, providing a sense of accomplishment and fueling your determination. socra Goals also encourage you to reflect on your results, offering opportunities for self-discovery and growth. With a wealth of personalized resources at your fingertips, socra Goals ensure that you have the tools you need to make progress and transform your aspirations into reality.

Track Your Progress

socra Goals provide a range of tools to help you track your progress and stay motivated on your journey.

Track your progress and see how far you've come.


View the total number of actions you have completed.


Check your progress for the day and see how many actions you have completed.


Keep track of your streak by completing actions consistently.


If you need to skip an action, no worries! We will track the actions you have skipped.


You can easily add photos and text to keep track of your progress and results, making it convenient to document and celebrate your achievements along the way.

View Your Progress in Real-time

Stay motivated and track your growth as you work towards your goals.

Share Your Results

You can share your progress with others, inspiring and motivating them while celebrating your own achievements along the way.

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Questions and Answers

What are Goals on socra?

socra Goals is an AI tool that guides you step-by-step to achieve your goals without extensive planning. It provides the ideal sequence of actions for making progress towards your goals based on your results.

What can socra Goals be used for?

socra Goals can be used for various goals like fitness, health, habits, saving money, reducing stress, and learning something new.

What are the benefits of using socra Goals?

The benefits of using socra Goals include commitment, motivation, and progress without extensive planning. They provide personalized resources and a step-by-step approach.

How does socra Goals increase my motivation?

socra increases motivation through gamification and interactive features. he visual feedback and Socrates' encouragement boost your engagement and excitement to pursue your goals.