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Your Meticulous Guide to Long-Term Success

1. 📍 Define your starting point and desired outcome.

2. 🧭 Let Socrates find the best routes to achieve your desired outcome.

3. 🗺️ Select your favorite route and let Socrates create the plan for you.

4. 🦾 Execute your plan one step at a time with AI assistance.

5. ✅ Break down milestones into smaller steps as needed.

6. 📈 Track your progress and adjust your plan as needed.

7. 🗂️ Access everything you need for a successful project: AI, Tasks, Notes, Reminders, Resources, and more.


Journeys break big goals down into manageable chunks, making even the most ambitious goals achievable.

In life and work, we often face overwhelming ambitious goals. That's where the socra Journeys come in, helping you achieve your goals by breaking them down into smaller, actionable steps.

Designed for evolved long-term projects, Journeys offers a comprehensive structure and hierarchy to help you navigate through your goals. Whether you're starting a business, diving into a new topic like Python or neuroscience, building an app, or undertaking any ambitious project, Journeys provides the guidance and support you need to stay organized and achieve success. The Journeys feature is used by socra AI to build the socra platform.

What is a Journey?

Journey is a socra AI that provides a structured and organized approach to achieving evolved long-term goals or projects.

Creating a Journey

To create a journey, click on the 'New Journey' button and let Socrates guide you every step of the way.

Journeys at a Glance

Crush goals with AI, one step at a time.

Journeys are the core feature of the socra platform, helping you plan, track, and navigate your long-term goals from start to finish.

Chat with Socrates

Throughout your journey, Socrates will be your dedicated companion, offering motivation, guidance, and support to assist you in planning each step. As an autonomous AI agent, Socrates can analyze information, conduct internet searches, and independently perform tasks, such as navigating your journey. Socrates will assist you in defining your starting point and desired destination for the journey. You can ask Socrates to progress to the next step, complete current tasks, regenerate your route or plan, set reminders, and more. Socrates has the ability to make changes in the Journey interface on your behalf.

Goal Definition

Every Journey begins with the crucial step of goal definition. It is essential to clearly define your goals and set the starting point and desired outcome for your Journey. This step holds immense importance as it sets the direction and purpose of your entire Journey. Socrates, your AI coach, will assist you in this process by asking clarifying questions to help you define your starting point and desired outcome. This initial step is the foundation upon which your Journey will be built. By taking the time to define your goals as accurately as possible, you ensure that every subsequent step aligns with your aspirations. It is vital to invest effort and thought into this step, as it lays the groundwork for a successful and fulfilling Journey.

Route Selection

Once you have defined your goal, Socrates will diligently calculate the optimal routes for you to achieve it. Socrates considers factors such as time, cost, and difficulty level to generate the best routes tailored to your needs. If the initially generated routes do not meet your preferences, you can request Socrates to regenerate them. You have the flexibility to customize and request changes to the routes according to your preferences. This route will serve as the foundation for creating a detailed plan to successfully accomplish your goal.

Milestone Confirmation

Once you have selected your route, Socrates will break down your goal into meaningful milestones that align with that specific route. These milestones serve as key checkpoints along your journey, ensuring progress and providing a sense of accomplishment. Socrates empowers you with the flexibility to edit, delete, or add new milestones according to your evolving needs. If you desire a different arrangement or order of milestones, you can request Socrates to regenerate them accordingly. Rest assured, you have the freedom to adjust and fine-tune your plan as needed.


During the execution phase, Socrates will be there with you every step of the way, providing invaluable assistance. If you ever feel stuck or unsure about how to proceed, you can always rely on Socrates for guidance and support. One of the unique features of Journeys is the ability to break down each milestone into smaller steps, and this can be done infinitely. Each milestone can become a Journey of its own, allowing for a more granular and manageable approach. Breaking down milestones into smaller steps is of utmost importance as it helps to clarify the path forward, enhance focus, and ensure steady progress. By tackling each step individually, you can maintain momentum and celebrate achievements along the way.


Throughout your entire Journey, for each milestone and every step, you will have access to a wide range of resources. These resources are curated by Socrates and are personalized to the specific step you are working on. For example, you will have access to videos that provide valuable insights and guidance. You will also have the ability to provide feedback by liking or disliking the resources, allowing us to continuously improve the platform based on what works best for you. This ensures that the resources provided are tailored to your needs and preferences, enhancing your overall experience and maximizing your chances of success.


One of the valuable resources created by Socrates is the provision of tips and tricks for each step of your Journey. These tips are designed to offer practical guidance and insights to help you navigate through challenges and make progress towards your goals. Socrates leverages its vast knowledge and experience to provide you with actionable advice that can enhance your understanding, boost your skills, and optimize your performance at every stage. These tips serve as valuable nuggets of wisdom, empowering you with the tools and strategies needed to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Common Mistakes

One of the resources provided by Socrates is the "common mistakes" to avoid at each step of your Journey. These mistakes are identified and shared to help you learn from the experiences of others and steer clear of common pitfalls along the way. Leveraging its wisdom and knowledge, Socrates highlights the most frequent errors that may arise during the process. By being aware of these common mistakes, you will be better equipped to make informed decisions and avoid obstacles that could hinder your progress.

Next Step - Navigate with Ease

The "Next Step" feature is a valuable tool provided by Socrates that offers guidance on what you should do next in your Journey.

The "Next Step" feature is a helpful tool within the Journeys platform that provides guidance on what you should do next to make progress in your Journey. Socrates utilizes this feature to suggest the most suitable next step for you, ensuring a smoother navigation through your milestones. While you have the freedom to navigate your milestones in any order you prefer, the execution tab allows you to manually select and mark your progress on each milestone. By utilizing this feature, you can easily identify the next step you should take and track your progress accordingly.


Notes provide a space for you to brainstorm ideas, jot down thoughts, and explore different possibilities for your Journey plan.

The notes tool provides various functionalities and tools to enhance your note-taking experience. To add an image, simply click on the 'Insert Image' button in the toolbar and choose an image from your computer or provide a URL using the link button. Additionally, you can insert a table, code, excalidraw, or equation by clicking on the 'Insert' button and selecting the desired item. The toolbar at the top allows you to format your text and change the style. Alternatively, you can highlight the text and access a formatting tools menu. Markdown can also be used directly in Notes, and it will be automatically formatted. To embed a YouTube video, Tweet, image, or Figma file, click on the link button and select the appropriate link type. Your notes are saved regularly in the background to ensure that your progress is never lost.

Additional Journey Tools

Empowering you to turn your aspirations into reality.

Journeys are packed with a variety of tools to support your goal planning and achievement.

These tools are designed to provide you with valuable insights, structure, organization, and support throughout your Journey.

Infinite Hierarchy

Journey' infinite hierarchy is a powerful tool that allows you to break your goals down into smaller, achievable steps. With the infinite hierarchy, you can create a structured plan to guide you towards success.


Once you create your Journey, you can break it down into steps. These steps represent the smaller tasks or milestones that will lead you to your ultimate goal.

The beauty of the infinite hierarchy is that you can break down each sub-step further, creating an infinite number of levels. This helps you to clearly define the path to your goal and stay organized.

Breaking Down Goals

Socrates is there to assist you in planning your journey. Socrates can suggest steps that can be added to your plan with just one click.

If you prefer, you can also manually add steps to the Journey. This gives you the flexibility to tailor your plan according to your unique needs and preferences.

Working with Steps

As you progress through your journey, you can mark steps as done in the Journey. This helps you keep track of your progress and stay motivated.

Adding Emojis

To make your Journey even more fun and visually appealing, you can add emojis to the titles of your steps. Emojis add personality and can help you quickly identify different types of tasks or milestones.

When Socrates adds a step to your Journey, he will automatically add an Emoji.


Chat is an integral part of Journeys, allowing you to interact and communicate with Socrates every step of your way.

Chat Message Actions

To access the chat message actions, simply hover over the message if you are using a desktop or click on the message if you are on mobile.

The chat message actions include adding the message to the plan, regenerating, deleting, and copying text (JSON, Text, Markdown).

Changing Socrates' Role

Socrates has the flexibility to assume multiple roles in our interactions. In the Toolkit control panel, you can select the role that best suits your needs.


Socrates begins by asking questions about your Journey in order to gain a deeper understanding of your goals. The more Socrates learns about you and your Journey, the better-personalized guidance he can provide.


Socrates is able to access the internet to recommend relevant resources and recent information.


Reminders help you keep on track with your goals. By regularly updating your Journey and tracking your progress, you can stay focused, motivated, and accountable.

Automatic Reminders

Socrates gathers relevant information through clarifying questions to calculate the estimated duration of your journey, ensuring an accurate and goal-aligned due date.

By estimating the time it will take for you to complete a Journey or step on your Journey, Socrates automatically sets a due date. This feature helps you work towards your goals within a realistic timeframe.


You can enable or disable notifications and email reminders. You can choose the type of reminders that work best for you.

Notification reminder: Notification reminders keep you updated within the socra platform.

Email reminder: Email reminders will send you an email titled with the task you need to complete. The email will also include a summary of what needs to be accomplished.

Changing Reminders

From the chat: You can ask Socrates to update your reminders and change your reminder settings directly from the chat.

Manually: You can also manually change your reminder by simply clicking on each aspect you would like to change. Additionally, you can enable or disable the reminder altogether.


Notes provide a space for you to brainstorm ideas, jot down thoughts, and explore different possibilities for your Journey plan.


To add an image, click on the 'Insert Image' button in the toolbar. Choose an image from your computer. You may also provide a URL for the image you would like to add using the link button.

To insert a table, code, excalidraw, or equation, click on the 'Insert' button and select the item you would like to add.

Text Formatting

Use the toolbar at the top to format your text and change the style. Alternatively, you can highlight the text you would like to format, and a formatting tools menu will appear.

You can also use markdown directly in Notes and it will be automatically formatted.


To embed a YouTube video, Tweet, image, or Figma file, click on the link button and select the type of link you would like to embed.

Saving your notes

Your notes are saved regularly automatically to ensure your progress is not lost.


The socra ToolKit provides Socrates with a set of tools to extend his capabilities beyond an AI chatbot.

By utilizing ToolKit, Socrates continually enhances his understanding of your Journey, allowing him to improve his personalized guidance and support as he learns more about you and your Journey.

The ToolKit also empowers Socrates to take action on your behalf, such as setting due dates, enabling or disabling reminders, completing current steps, updating Insights, and more.


With Socrates Tools, you can manage the tools and capabilities at Socrates’ disposal.


You can change Socrates’ role to customize his behavior for your needs.

Task Management

The socra Task Dashboard is a comprehensive tool designed to provide you with a centralized view of your upcoming tasks.

It offers a visual representation, including an interactive pie chart, of your tasks across different Journeys, allowing you to easily track and manage your progress.

Interactive Chart

You have the ability to see how your tasks are distributed across journeys, allowing you to gain insights into how you allocate your time.

Interactive Chart

You are able to sort your tasks coming up by Journey, due date, duration, impact, and difficulty, helping you prioritize like never before.

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Questions and Answers

What are socra Journeys?

Journeys on socra are guided experiences for long-term goals. They break down big goals into manageable steps, providing clarity and focus. Great for projects that need detailed planning.

What can Journeys be used for?

Journeys can be used for various goals like starting a business, building a project, or learning a new skill. They give structure and guidance to help you achieve those goals effectively

What are the benefits of using Journeys?

The benefits of using socra Journeys include access to resources and tools to improve your skills and execute your steps as you work towards your goals. Plus, they help you develop effective strategies and plans.

How does Socrates help in my Journey?

Socrates, your personal coach, plays a crucial role in your Journey. He asks questions to understand your goals, gives guidance and support, and has access to tools and resources to help you execute each step.

How does Journeys help with organization?

Journeys bring organization to the table. They keep your notes, actions, and reminders in one place, helping you stay organized. Plus, they offer a smooth user experience, making it easy to access and use the tool effectively.