Artificial Intelligence


The socra suite of powerful AI tools.


πŸ–ΌοΈ Generate Images

Generate beautiful AI images for yourself, your goals, habits, and journeys.

Generate Images

πŸ”Š Listen to Audio Messages

Tired of reading?

Listen to socra AI read your messages to you.

Listen to Audio Messages

πŸŽ™οΈ Send Voice Messages

Tired of typing?

Send voice messages to socra AI and he will convert them to text.

Send Voice Messages

🌐 Access Recent Information

socra AI has access to the latest information on the internet.

Access Recent Information

πŸ“ Get Local Recommendations

socra AI can provide recommendations based on your location.

Get Local Recommendations

🎬 Watching Curated Videos

socra AI can provide AI curated YouTube videos based on your goals, habits, and journeys.

Watching Curated Videos

Effective and Powerful AI Tools

Experience the Power of socra AI ToolKit

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AI Coach

Socrates, Your Personal AI Coach


Plan, Track, and Navigate Your Journey


Make Progress One Step at a Time


Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones

AI Coach

Questions and Answers

What is the socra ToolKit?

The socra ToolKit is a set of tools that expands Socrates' capabilities as an autonomous AI agent, allowing him to generate personalized insights, set reminders, complete tasks, search the internet, and more.

Can I control which tools Socrates can use?

'Yes, you have the power to enable or disable the tools available to Socrates in the ToolKit control panel.'

What can Socrates do with the socra ToolKit?

Socrates can generate personalized insights, set reminders, complete tasks, search the internet, generate images, audio, and more.

How do I know when Socrates is using a tool from the ToolKit?

You will see the socra ToolKit icon on the top right side of the chat message when Socrates uses a tool. You can click on it for more information.

What specific tools are included in the socra ToolKit?

The socra ToolKit includes Journeys, Reminders, Progress, Insights, Videos, Internet, Image Generation, Audio Generation, and more.