Crush your goals with AI

Achieving goals is hard, so we built socra to help you every step of the way.

The Ultimate Life Hack

For anyone who wants to grow, improve, and reach their full potential.

Plan your success with socra’s suite of AI tools


The structured guidance you need to navigate your goals from start to finish.

The AI Life GPS

Take yourself from idea to achievement with the world’s first AI Life GPS.

Task Management System

Know what you have to do today to achieve your long-term goals.

Take your achievements to the next level with socra, your personal guide for success.

Eliminate doubt and uncertainty from your journey.

Feel empowered and prepared to conquer any goal.

Let Socrates be your guide, mentor, and motivator in transforming your ideas into reality.

Great Plan, Even Better Execution!

AI-Powered Resources

Access step-by-step guides, tips & tricks, common mistakes, and how-to videos for every step of your Journey.


ToolKit expands Socrates' capabilities with a suite of AI tools that help you make decisions, execute tasks, and dive deeper into your goals.

AI Execution

Socrates can execute a multitude of tasks, such as generating images, saving you time and providing inspiration.

Get the Support You Deserve Without Breaking the Bank

On average, personal coaching can range from $100 to $300 per session, with most coaches recommending weekly or bi-weekly sessions. With socra AI, you can get personalized guidance starting at only $10/month, helping you save thousands.

Discover how Socrates has helped thousands of people achieve success and growth

Our community has started over 100,000 Journeys on socra. Here are the most popular Journeys on the platform

Get in shape

Start a Business

Eat Healthier

Sleep Better

Learn a New Language

At socra, you can start your custom Journey for anything you want to achieve.

Experience a Life of Success, Growth, and Transformation

Start your Journey with socra today and experience the transformation firsthand.

Questions and Answers

What is socra?

socra is an innovative AI-driven platform that empowers users to crush their goals. With personalized AI guidance, data-driven insights, and state-of-the-art productivity features, socra provides essential support for users to plan, track, and navigate their from start to finish.

What are socra Journeys?

Journeys are designed to assist you in navigating your goals from start to finish, breaking them down them into achievable steps and supplying AI-driven insights and tools for guidance.

How does socra use my data?

Safeguarding your data is fundamental to socra. We utilize OpenAI for our AI solutions, which retains a copy of your chats for 30 days before deleting the data. Importantly, we prohibit OpenAI from using your data to refine their model. Rest assured, socra will never share your private data, except when legally mandated.

How can I engage with the socra community?

We're diligently building a community space within socra to enable user connections, goal-sharing, collaboration, and mutual motivation. While our community feature is under development, we invite you to participate in our Discord for the time being.

Who can reap the advantages of utilizing socra?

Individuals striving towards their goals can undoubtedly benefit from socra. The platform boasts adaptability and competence in supporting any goal. Popular goals on socra encompass fitness, entrepreneurship, and skill acquisition.

Will socra see future updates or new feature additions?

Indeed! We're perpetually expanding socra, incorporating novel features at an astounding rate – nearly every week! As our platform progresses, it consistently delivers upgraded and more potent resources for users. Although we're in the early stages, our ambition is to make socra the preeminent platform for goal-crushing worldwide.

Can socra integrate with my other productivity applications?

While socra currently does not feature direct integration with third-party productivity apps, we recognize the importance of a seamless workflow and have plans to explore potential integrations in the future.

How can I share feedback report issues within the socra platform?

To offer feedback or report issues on socra, kindly reach out to us at We truly value your insights, addressing minor inconveniences or major challenges alike. Your input assists us in refining the platform for all, so we encourage you to voice your perspectives and experiences!

Is there a learning curve to using socra, or can I get started right away?

socra's user-friendly, intuitive interface enables users to dive in without any prior experience! However, if you ever need assistance, our


and our community on


are ready to help.

Can I collaborate with friends or colleagues on socra while working on a goal together?

While socra is primarily designed for individual goal-setting, our upcoming community features will present opportunities for users to team up, exchange insights, and support one another in their combined pursuits. Stay tuned!

Join us on this Journey!